Membership of the European Union is undemocratic because the European Commission, which is unelected, has the monopoly of proposing all EU legislation which it does in secret. It also has the power to issue regulations which are automatically binding in all member states.
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Britain has given away control of immigration within the EU to the EU, and retains the power only to control non-EU immigration. This has led to huge disparities where Commonwealth citizens with family in Britain struggle to obtain visas whilst EU citizens with little link with the UK can automatically work here.
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British fishing policy is determined by the political imperative of European integration. The objective is to create an EU fishing fleet catching EU fish in EU waters under an EU permit system controlled from Brussels. .
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Britain pays direct ‘membership’ costs of £17.4bn, which equate to an annual net contribution of £6.7bn and dramatically rising owing to Tony Blair’s surrender of a sizeable part of the British rebate.
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It has been happening for the past twelve years and continues to slip off the tongues of European Union supporters and spin doctors in newspaper, on television and during broadcast interviews, “3 million jobs depend upon the EU” whilst avoiding, of course, providing evidence.
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The Economy

Bernard Connolly is a renowned British Economist, well known for his negative view of the euro. He was actually one of the first insiders to start touching upon the preparations for the euro currency.
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Do I think that British Agriculture could survive outside the EU? Yes, of course I do. After all, this is the country that produced Jethro Tull, the NORFOLK four course rotation, James Watt, Henry Ferguson and of course Guy Smith!
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Leo McKinstry

 Daily Express columnist and author, “How we lost our independence and how we regain it.”

Monia Benini MP

President of the Italian Per II Bene Commune (Common Good) party intent on withdrawal from the EU, “Italy facing EU dictatorship.”

John Mills

Secretary of the Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign, “The winding road to Brexit.”

Rev Dr. Peter Mullen

Author, “Closing Pandora’s Box.”

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